Find the latest Promotion Code?

It’s already September and I want to go somewhere in the Winter possible around November or December. I’ve scouting early for promotion code since I want to make sure I’m able to claim offers and deals. I’m also hoping to save more by booking early and hopefully the rooms are still available. I’ve been tempting to fly to Vegas but with Christmas drawing near, the hotels and flights might be quite expensive.

There’s still time to decide whether to fly or alternately, I can always go t Southeast Asia where there are plenty of beaches. The vacation cost will be much lower as well and I think it will be equally relaxing if not better. I’ll be traveling with a friend of mine and I think it will be very fun to have someone to travel with. There are more things to do if there’s company.

How to find cheap Virginia Beach Hotel?

My family would like to visit Virginia Beach soon for a quick family getaway. There are actually many beaches in VA including Chick’s Beach, Sandridge Beach, Croatan beach as well as many others. It’s not simple to find a cheap virginia beach hotel with so many to choose from. Before going to Virginia Beach, I would visit some review sites to see what others have to say.

There are plenty of beach that people love. Some of them is a bit far and requires a short distance drive but in the end, many have liked what they seen. With beaches that are a bit far off, there is less people and walking on those beaches seemed very enjoyable. One of the beaches people like is the Ocean View Beach but some have complained that it is quite small. There are many other recommended beaches and those who resided in Virginia Beach have no doubt feel they are living in paradise.

Sometimes it will be more fun when visiting VA during festive events such as Poly Festival. During those times, there will be plenty of entertainment as well as food in addition to the crowd who loves to party. In some of the beaches like Croatan Beach, there are quite a few of extravagant homes. Sometimes it’s nice to think about retiring in one of those homes after all the working and stressful years.

New Journey Begins

I have many hobbies and one of them is traveling around various places to see different things. Life is short and one should spend more time to see what;s outside of their confined zone. Life is not just about money and work but also learning and discovering what’s out there.

I have finally stepped outside of my personal comfort zone and took out the courage to blog about travel as well as other things that go on in my life such as health, family, finance as well as relationships. I will also post photos periodically since sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.